Begin your broker business by building an offshore company. The company’s name and registration number is needed in order to register formally on MT4/MT5 manager and applying to access the markets at Liquidity Provider. Offshore companies from different countries can have different requirements, regulations, benefits, and features.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Building a company at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is the easiest way to start a broker immediately. The incorporation process only takes about 1-2 weeks to finish, and can start with just one director. Our service consists of incorporation of the Business Company (BC) and the Bank Account.

Here are the benefits of building an SVG company:
Documents received after the incorporation:


Building a company at Seychelles is an advanced step in expanding your broker business. Not only will the company be regulated in a stronger jurisdiction, the Seychelles regulations also provide a Securities Dealer Service License.

The Seychelles Securities Act 2007 provides the legal framework for the provision of Securities Dealer Services. The Seychelles Securities Dealer License is a license which allows your company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients) – e.g. in Managed Accounts. The capital requirement for such a licence is US 50,000 and must be held in the bank account of the Company until licence is issued.

This license will legitimize your business to serve more high-profile customers, as well as initiating cooperation with higher tier liquidity providers and Prime Banks.


The advantages of Seychelles Securities Dealer Licence are the following:

Granting of Licence

When dealing with an application, the Authority will not grant a licence unless it is satisfied that the applicant:


The Securities Authority shall not grant an Investment Advisor licence in the case of a company unless the applicant employs at least one individual who is licensed as a representative under section 52 of the Act and means an individual in the employment of (including a Director of) or acting on behalf of or by arrangement with an investment advisor, who advises on securities on behalf of that investment advisor, whether he is paid a salary, wages, commission or otherwise.

Service rendered:
Licence application including, but not limited to:
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