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What do you need to build a Forex Broker?

The first question appeared when it comes to Forex Broker preparation is what do we need to build a Forex Broker? Here are the things that matter:

  1. Registered company International standard
  2. Professional trading platform
  3. Payment gateway to help client’s deposits
  4. Liquidity
  5. Website to build traffic to your Broker

What should I know before I start my own brokerage?

As in every business, it’s good to understand the basic knowledge before you start the journey. In the world of forex brokerage business, we need to learn how the forex market works as our provisions. You can access our “Broker’s Business Handbook” where we explicate in every component of forex brokerage.

How much does it cost to become a broker/ how much funds do I need to invest in becoming a Forex Broker?

For startup Brokers seeking a low-risk solution, it can be as little as $5000 for a turnkey Forex Broker including:

  • company registration
  • trading platform (web/mobile/desktop) with Client Office CRM
  • effective payment solution
  • A-Book execution
  • and a website

What documents are required to register a company and how long it takes?

Usually, new company registration takes one week, and you need to provide a few documents as identity proof mandatory:

  • notarized copy of passport or national ID
  • notarized copy of utility bill
  • notarised bank or professional reference letter

Do I have to register a company to become a Forex Broker?

Yes. You must register a company; otherwise you won’t be able to sign legal agreements with technology providers (trading platform) and liquidity providers (financial flow/ execution of trades).

How long it takes to set up a full brokerage?

45 days and your company is ready to launch. Of course, it depends on the setup specification.

Do I need to pay an additional set up fee when upgrading from standard to full package service?

Yes, you can always upgrade your package. We do not charge any additional fees for the setup.

How to set up spreads and commissions?

All of our Clients get access to the White Label Admin app where they can set and adjust spreads and commissions.

What kind of the Liquidity Providers you have in your offer?

We offer access to our aggregated liquidity providers, including banks, non-banks and internal ECN trading network to provide bespoke Liquidity for both regulated and offshore Brokers.

What is the difference between A-Book and B-Book income?

A-Book income is solely based on spread and commission markups. B-Book income is based on transactions’ profit and loss balance. It's higher risk.


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